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I am presently buiding a '73' Chevy Truck. Some of the items are:
3" X 6" box tubed frame 1/4" wall thickness 22 feet long, Painted viper yellow.
Full interior roll cage. Side Running tubed bars. Front and rear bumpers covered with stainless steel diamondplate.
12 inch total body lift (Four Link and Air bag, 4 inches of lift from the straight frame design)
425hp 402 presently, later a 6.2 Diesel engine to be bought for the powerhouse. Turbo by Stinger.
Turbo 400 with Gear Vendor Overdrive and transfercase
44" groundhog tires, Autometer Phantom Guages, An entire fiberglass body
1.)Full fiberglass convertable cab, The cab is being stretched 4 more feet (Crew cab length/ Space cab style)
2.)One piece tilt front end. To be opened by an electric screw
3.)Bushwacker flares being glassed in to the front end


Last updated December 30, 2001